Full Name
Robin Sickles
Job Title
Reginald Henry Hargrove Chair in Economics Emeritus
Rice University
Speaker Bio

Robin C. Sickles is Reginald Henry Hargrove Chair of Economics Emeritus and Professor of Statistics Emeritus at Rice University.  He is a member of the Conference on Research in Income and Wealth at National Bureau of Economic Research. He has served as a member of scientific committees of many international conferences, including the International Panel Data Conference, European Workshop on Efficiency and Productivity Analysis, Asian Pacific Productivity Workshop, North American Productivity Workshop, DEA Conference, The EURO Working Group on Efficiency and Productivity Analysis, and the International Association of Applied Econometrics, of which he is a member. He is a permanent member of the Scientific Committee of the International Panel Data Conference.  Sickles has published multiple times in Econometrica, the American Economic Review, International Economic Review, Journal of Econometrics, Journal of Business and Economics, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Review of Economics and Statistics, European Journal of Operational Research, Empirical Economics, Journal of Productivity Analysis, Oxford Economic Papers, Econometric Reviews, among many other publications in peer-reviewed journals.  He has published in the leading field journal in econometrics, the Journal of Econometrics, for the 6 consecutive decades since the journal was introduced.  He was the Former Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Productivity Analysis and has served as an Associate Editor for leading economics and econometrics journals such as the Journal of Applied Econometrics, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Journal of Econometrics, and Empirical Economics, the latter three of which he served on the editorial board 20 years or more.  He has published over 100 articles in leading peer reviewed journals in economics and econometrics, over 50 chapters in various handbooks, volumes, and proceedings, and over 20 volumes of books, monographs, and special journal symposia. Sickles was selected as one of top 100 econometricians in the world ranked by the number of all econometric articles, 1989-2005 in WORLDWIDE ECONOMETRICS RANKINGS: 1989-2005 (Badi H. Baltagi, Econometric Theory, 2008).  He is the recipient of the Journal of Econometrics All Star Papers for 1989-1999 (“Production Frontiers with Cross-Sectional and Time-Series Variation in Efficiency Levels,” with C. Cornwell, and P. Schmidt).  He is a Fellow of the Journal of Econometrics, Fellow of the Elsevier Handbook Series in Economics, and Fellow of the International Association of Applied Econometrics.  His research in applied econometrics has dealt with panel data methods, spatial econometrics, limited dependent variable models, labor economics, and industrial organization. Research contributions to the literature on productivity and efficiency and the limits of market economies to efficiently allocate resources due to market power, asymmetric information, agency issues, and regulatory distortions are detailed in his recent book, Measurement of Productivity and Efficiency: Theory and Practice, with Valentin Zelenyuk (NY: Cambridge University Press, 2019). Reviews and endorsements can be found at The Cambridge University Press website.

Robin Sickles