Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline to submit?

The deadline for submissions is July 20, 2023.

What are the requirements for submission?

Please limit submissions to 350 words. You must create an account and log in to submit your abstract.

Who can submit an abstract?

Anyone is welcome to submit an extract.  

Do I have to have a completed paper in order to submit?

No you do not have to have a complete paper in order to submit. If submission is accepted, completed papers will be due by November 30, 2023.  

Will my submission be published?

Conference contributors will also have the opportunity to submit a paper for inclusion in a special issue of the journal Agriculture and Human Values. The deadline for the submission of papers for consideration in the special issue is November 2023.

When is the conference taking place?

The conference will take place on September 13, 2023 and is fully virtual. 

Who can participate in the conference?

Anyone is welcome to participate in the conference. 

If I have questions about my submission, whom should I contact?

For questions about the conference theme and the special journal issue, please contact Florence Becot at

If I have questions about the conference, whom should I contact?

If you have questions about the conference, please contact Farm Foundation at