Hosted by Farm Foundation and Openlands


Tuesday, July 27, 2021

9:30 AM
- 9:45 AM CDT

Welcome attendees, introduce leadership and review the purpose of the event, Chatham house rules, and overall introduction of dialogue series.

9:45 AM
- 10:00 AM CDT

Brief discussion of Illinois and County specific data.

10:00 AM
- 10:15 AM CDT

Local government, land use/assessment, census updates, rural/urban shift time lapse, current agricultural frameworks in use throughout the county. 

10:15 AM
- 10:50 AM CDT

Discuss if the snapshot of the geography given was accurate. Identify top three to five needs and top three to five challenges for agricultural producers and conservationists in McHenry County. Who is instrumental to meet the needs and resolve the issues?

10:50 AM
- 11:00 AM CDT

11:00 AM
- 11:30 AM CDT

Leadership to hear from breakout group leaders and compile results live with full group.

12:30 PM
- 2:00 PM CDT

2:00 PM
- 2:15 PM CDT

2:15 PM
- 3:45 PM CDT

How can we envision the future of an integrated community? Summary of topics discussed, areas of agreement or disagreement, and description of desired future state of agriculture and conservation.