A Two-Day Virtual Event

About the Conference

The Fixing the Soil Health Tech Stack:
Gathering for Action Conference 
aims to solve the gaps that exist in the harmonization of soil-centric data collection and analysis. Those gaps need to be overcome to have a thriving marketplace to reward farmers and ranchers for taking actions and delivering outcomes that result in healthier soils and carbon sequestration.

This two-day, virtual event will lay out these challenges and gather those players committed to taking collective action right now to bridge soil data interoperability, calibration, and standardization to ease the movement of soil-centric data between those collecting, analyzing, and taking action upon presented soil-centric data. 

This event is designed to make tangible progress toward fixing the soil health tech stack now, with participating developers creating open source code hackathon-style during the two-day event. 

This event is both a conference and Hackathon running in parallel. There will be opportunities for report-outs by Hackathon participants during the conference.

Soil data used during the Hackathon will be generated during our Soil Sampling Campaign.

The results of that work will help form the foundation of soil health data interoperability. 

The cost for registering for the conference is $40. Participation in the hackathon is free, but the expectation is that those who register as active hackathon participants commit to writing code.

Who Should participate?

Anyone interested in unlocking the potential for actionable soil-related data through greater data interoperability and standardization should attend the Fixing the Soil Health Tech Stack Conference.

This includes:  sustainability experts, corporate officers, program managers, researchers, soil scientists, software developers, and others whose work can benefit from having interoperable, calibrated soil-related data.

Programmers and others interested in the Hackathon should register for both events.
Click here to learn more about the Hackathon.

What's the Purpose?

The process by which we collect and analyze soil data today can be resource-intensive and imprecise, and most soil analyses yield data in clunky, non-standardized formats (i.e., PDF or spreadsheets) that usually make it difficult to interconnect with other data sets to assess trends over years, across different lands, or across different soil management practices. 

The goal of the “Fixing the Soil Health Tech Stack” activities is to promote accurate and actionable soil-related data through greater data interoperability and standardization so that we can:

  • Decrease the cost and increase the accuracy of soil collection and analysis
  • Assist farmers and ranchers in understanding what practices will be most effective to improve their soil health
  • Calibrate and standardize soil-related data flows across different soil collection and analysis tools
  • Provide researchers with better soil-related data to improve knowledge and knowledge-sharing 
  • Provide data to those willing to compensate farmers and ranchers for embracing climate-smart soil-centric agriculture practices that will yield improved soil health and carbon sequestration

Events Summary

  1. Soil Sampling Campaign - Spring/Summer 2022
  2. Virtual Conference - August 23 and 24, 2022
  3. Hackathon - August 23 and 24, 2022


To register for the conference and/or Hackathon, visit the Registration tab.