About Farm Foundation:

Farm Foundation is an accelerator of practical solutions for agriculture. Our mission is to build trust and understanding at the intersections of agriculture and society. We accomplish this by leveraging non-partisan objective dialogue, information and training, catalyzing solutions and creating multi-stakeholder collaboration. Our vision is to build a future for farmers, our communities and our world.

 Since 1933, we have connected leaders across agricultural sectors–farming, business, academia, organizations and government.

About OATS:

The Purdue Open Ag Technology and Systems Center (OATS) aims to bring an open source culture to agriculture, with the belief that levels of code-based standardization are only achieved through the open source development paradigm.

Many of the most promising avenues for sustainable food-ag system improvements involve novel applications of sensing, networking, and computation to big data science, visualization, and analytics. Powerful data sets and models continue to be developed at the plot, watershed, and even regional level from these research efforts. However, there are fundamental issues impeding progress in data-driven sustainability and preventing translation of research into practice.

These issues are solvable by open source data and algorithm exchange paradigms, so much so that we believe data exchange among systems, people, and projects is the most critical component for achieving data-driven sustainability goals. To harness the data revolution in agriculture we must therefore address the key attributes of data flow to empower agriculture – trust, automatable data exchange, and interoperability.

Ongoing open technology development support provided by OpenTEAM


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