What Is the Soil Health Tech Stack?

The “Soil Health Tech Stack” is a term coined by Seana Day in an article that outlines the challenges to how technology and finance could scale climate-smart, soil-centric agriculture practices.

The process by which we collect and analyze soil data today can be resource-intensive and imprecise, and most soil analyses yield data in clunky, non-standardized formats (i.e., PDF or spreadsheets) that usually make it difficult to interconnect with other data sets to assess trends over years, across different lands, or across different soil management practices. 

The goal of the “Fixing the Soil Health Tech Stack” activities is to promote accurate and actionable soil-related data through greater data interoperability and standardization so that we can:

  • Decrease the cost and increase the accuracy of soil collection and analysis
  • Assist farmers and ranchers in understanding what practices will be most effective to improve their soil health
  • Calibrate and standardize soil-related data flows across different soil collection and analysis tools
  • Provide researchers with better soil-related data to improve knowledge and knowledge-sharing 
  • Provide data to those willing to compensate farmers and ranchers for embracing climate-smart soil-centric agriculture practices that will yield greater soil health and carbon sequestration. 

The Soil Health Tech Stack. Image credit: Culterra Capital

Background Information and Other Resources

  • The Farm Foundation Issue Report on Ag Data Interoperability
    • Portrays the need and benefit from having calibration/standardized agricultural data.